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How to Join

Come to a meeting at Texas Smoke
400 New Jersey 15, Lake Hopatcong, NJ
On the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 8pm.

There is an initiaton fee of $250. Pay annual dues of a mere $50. Work your buns off on the annual Ridge Run. That means trail clearing duties for about a month and a half prior to the event, as well as working the entire weekend of the event.

Come to the first regularly scheduled meeting after the event to get voted in or out. And yes, Virginia, you can easily be voted out. The best way to guarantee yourself successful entry to the Ridge Rider bosom is:

Show up frequently where other members are working.
Bring tools.
Be seen working. And make sure everyone there knows your name.
If for some reason you just can't make it to the Enduro, we have other events that also need plenty of workers. Like the annual Harescrambles and Scottish Trials. There is always maintainence to be done on the club property as well.

Whats in it for me?
Pride of being an RRMC member should be sufficient. But some folks think that's not enough. What's the world coming to damn it! By becoming a member of any club within the ECEA you are eligible for annual points and thus a giant trophy. You do intend to win don't you? Liability insurance. Not for your bike, for you. Hey, in today's litigious society you can't be too careful. The use of 135 acres of prime, club owned riding terrain in Deposit, NY! We are trying to add more riding area to this all the time. There are many more, intangible benefits.

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